The Book Thief Review

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak has been a favourite of mine for the longest time, I read it some years ago and fell in love with it right away. This book will rip your heart out…but in the best way possible!

This novel is set in Nazi Germany, from 1939 onward. Markus Zusak created a unique perspective on this setting, with the narrator being death and the main character being an orphaned german girl, Liesel Meminger.

Let me set the scene. Liesel is young and alone when she is brought to the Hubermann Household as a foster child. Rosa, the Mrs, is fierce and will not hesitate to bring out her wooden spoon to correct behaviour. Hans, on the other hand, is an accordion playing painter whose personality contrasts the one of his wife. Once Liesel arrives, she is thrown into this crazy mess of a world in which Nazis are ruling her life. She also meets a young troublemaking boy, who’s  relentless at trying to win a kiss from Liesel, Rudy Steiner. All is well in the world when the son of Hans’ old war friend knocks on the door of his house and asks for a place to hide, for he is a Jew. And from then on, I leave it up to you to read the rest 😉


This book was so unique and creative and easy to read and dig into, but I found that the ending was a little disappointing. I feel as though endings may not be Zusak’s strength as I was not impressed with the finale of I Am The Messenger. I think if the book were to end with Liesel and Max hugging each other in the tailor shop, it would make for a pretty sweet and sappy ending, which I am an absolute sucker for. Had the book ended right there, I would’ve gone through whole ‘book coma’ where I close the book, lay it on my chest, and just stare at the ceiling of my room for half a decade and question my existence, but this novel seemed to just carry on. And on. And on. Which I didn’t mind as I absorbed every damn word that was printed, I just thought it was a little extra.

As much as I can’t help myself with sweet endings, I’m also a lover of dark plot twists and the grand finale to this book did just that. This book slowly killed me on the inside and I LOVED IT. I spent a good three days walking around my house sulking because Rudy Steiner was dead, I was SO absorbed in this book that I started to treat all those characters like my little children that I had to take care of, so when I read that they were all gone, my god…you would’ve thought I had the Niagara Falls behind my eyes with the amount of tears I produced.

In the end, this novel was phenomenal and I highly recommend EVERYONE to read, makes for a great holiday gift for any book lovers out there. Let me know your thoughts on The Book Thief and follow me on instagram (wholedozenyards) for regular updates on my blog!

For the song of the day I’m gonna leave you all with Dead Hearts by Stars, this song reminds me of the novel and I cried when I listened to it for the first time because the lyrics were just so fitting!




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