Start Of Something New

Yes, I did just use a High School Musical song to catch your attention, did it work?

Here is my very first blog post…ever. I’ve wanted to start a blog and share my thoughts with the world for the longest time, so here I am, dipping my feet into the waters of journalism and starting something totally different and new to me.

Making changes in your life and taking chances is risky business, but I believe that life is meant for making mistakes, especially when we can learn from them and better ourselves as people. When my family moved for the third time in three years, my mom and I went window shopping at a mall, I think we were looking for a new teapot but instead we found these little porcelain mice with inspirational sayings on the bottom. The one that really stood out to me was a mouse peeking out of a bag full of change, the saying (if you hadn’t already guessed) was ‘change is good’. This mouse sits on my windowsill, reminding me not only that I got to dust that frame,  but to take risks in life.

What if Gabriella and Troy had never sang karaoke in that ski lounge?  That night was the moment their love started to blossom, their status quo would change, Troy’s heart would be in more songs than games, and the couple would find exactly what they they’d been looking for. That night in the ski lounge was truly the start of something new…

All jokes and lyrical references aside, that movie goes to show my point on taking risks in life. Starting this blog might be the best decision I have ever made, or maybe it’ll turn out to be a complete flop, the only way to tell is to get my head in the game and pursue something I’ve always wanted.

I encourage everyone who reads this, whenever you read it, to do something extraordinary tomorrow and chase a dream! Sometimes all we need is karaoke night at a ski lounge to jumpstart our passions. Best wishes to everyone on that path to success, take risks my friends, you never know what they will bring you 🙂

Song of the day: Start Of Something New – High School Musical


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